Kona Properties, LLC


The Beckman Group Realtors

We can help you find other properties to buy.    If you are considering buying something now or in the future.

"We are real estate agents that are trying to do something different in Cincinnati. Our primary focus is on the client and their needs, not ours own personal sales goals or sales records. We are operating as a boutique agency where we focus on a small number of clients. That way, we can give each of them our full attention, but we have the backing of a large firm like Sibcy Cline Realtors to help market and sell your home. Contact us if you are looking for this level of service or please share us with your friends."   Thanks.




Joe and Leah did a great job! They are prompt,courteous,and insightful. Scheduling and communicating was seamless. I will utilize their services again.
- Dave Engelhardt


 It's official!!! I am a homeowner! So glad to be back in Cincinnati and I am so excited for this next chapter with Matt! Thank youuuu Joe Beckman and Leah Beckman... you guys rock!! — feeling excited
- Katherine Turner